Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Every girl has a “perfect” dress in mind, that you will your dream will come true on your BIG day. Here comes the question, when you go onto pinterest and search for wedding dresses, there will be thousands of photos there for you to look at. Then you started pinning every single dress you liked and started feeling lost.

Typically, there is a gap between what style you think you liked and what style looks perfect on you when you put the dress on. Girls always want to start their initial search with big retailers who carry more than 15 brands, and have over 300 dresses. That’s certainly a good start! If you do not want to get overwhelmed, a smaller bridal boutique will private appointments are very good to start with. We carry around 50 sample dresses for you to try on and we will make sure you will not get confused!

When you walk into the bridal salon, what you typically will do is to show your pinterest board to the consultant and walk around the store and pick anything you like, and try them on. Within an hour, you will probably try on 6-7 dresses and you only liked 2 of them. And you walked away and walked into another bridal salon, repeat the process.

It’s a tricky process. You will think if you try on as many dresses as you can, you will find your perfect dress. But the thing is, you might get confused with the different styles, colors and fabrics, and of course different opinions from your beloved families and friends.

Then you feel stressed out because you can’t decided which dress you want! Here are some tips for you to remember before you start your process:

1. Bear in mind that the whole process might take 6-10 months, so start early if you can. Do you research on pinterest, google, style me pretty and the Knot; Gather information and photos that you liked and put them into a folder.

2. And then you could group them together into elements that you liked. For example, you might like strapless rather than with straps; you might want to have cap sleeves; you might want a puffy A line dress rather than a mermaid dress.

3. Then you find a bridal salon to try on dresses with your friends and families. I would suggest if you are very serious about your dress, just bring your mum and two of your best friends and start from there. It might get confused if there are different opinions involved.

4. Consultant in the store I always think it’s very important. A good consultant will immediately get the ideas of what you like and what might look good on you and start pulling out a few dresses for you to try on; A good consultant can help you figure out the best style and give you some tips.

5. Once you identified which one is your favorite, ask the consultant to recommend a few more in the similar shape/style for you to try on.

6. Make sure you get the name and price before you walk away from the bridal salon.

7. So now you almost know what you liked and what style looks good on you. Then you might think you want to add some your own elements to your dress.

8. Custom changes are very common. Ask the consultant whether they can provide this service and whether there are any additional charges. Our clients always want to change a few things on their dresses, e.g. Make a longer train; change the color of the underlining; add sleeves, add beadings; make a lower back, etc.

9. If you really love a dress, I would suggest you sleep on it for a day or two and then come back to try on the dress again with your mum or friends.

10. Then purchase the dress!! Typically the salon only take partial payment to start with and you pay the rest when you get the dress.

11. Alteration can take 1 or 2 months, make sure you include this time to your planning too. Our dresses are made to your body measurements so there is no alteration at all. We work with you to craft a brand new dress based on your body measurements, with all your customized changes.

12. Custom design: if you have something in mind but you could not find the dress anywhere. Go find a couture designer, like us to create the dress for you. The price typically starts from $4,000 and up.

If you have any tips to add or if you have any questions, please give us a call or an email. We are happy to assist you.