The Wedding Dress: Honoring Tradition

JINZA and our team have been incredibly honored to create wedding dresses for brides from different cultures. We’ve had the opportunity to learn about so many different wedding customs, specifically about the dress style and color brides will choose according to their cultural, or religious traditions. White, red, sleeveless, or more more modest… we have done it all. We honor each tradition and unique culture.

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11 Skincare Products A Bride-to-Be Must Try Before The Wedding Day

Grace Pei, our LA boutique owner, has summarized the 11 best skincare products for you to save your skin before your big day. Of course first, you have to relax, drink your water, take your vitamins. You do not want to save money on your skincare products and you will want to follow a good routine to restore your skin to the best ever for your big day. You don’t have to use the most expensive ones, but the good ones.

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