5 Rules for Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most important fashion choices you will ever make – and we understand you want everything about it to be perfect. Do you know how to accessorize your wedding dress? With the right accessories, even the simplest white dress can turn into a huge fashion statement – and it can suit your style and personality more than anything you’ve ever worn.

We have gathered 5 rules for accessorizing your wedding dress below!


Make sure your metals match.

Make sure your metals match. In general, it is not recommended to wear gold and silver together (or rose gold and yellow gold, for that matter). Moreover, you should also make sure to match your metals with the color of your dress – a pure white one will look better with silver and white gold, a dress that has yellow undertones will look better with classic gold, while a dress with blush pink shades in it will definitely look amazing with rose gold jewelry.


Don’t go over the top.

Just because this is your wedding day it doesn’t mean you have to go above and beyond with your wedding jewelry. Less is frequently more – so choose items that make a true statement and make you feel elegant and sophisticated in a way that embraces your own personality.


Go beyond the classics.

A pair of earrings is fine, but why not go even deeper with your accessorizing and add a wedding belt or sash to your look as well? It will embrace your figure in a truly harmonious way and it will definitely add a lot of style to the entire look!


Your neckline will make a huge difference.

Your wedding dress’ neckline will help you decide on what type of earrings and necklace you should wear (or if you should wear any, in the end – because there are neckline styles that simply don’t work with earrings and/or necklaces).

 Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Don't forget about you!

There’s no point in wearing something just for the sake of fashion trends. Wear pieces that reveal your own personality and style – they will be the most flattering ones!

Like with everything wedding-related, don’t feel pressured to rush into making decisions. Take your time and choose the best wedding accessories for your wedding, for your style, and who you are as a bride!