Finding the Best Wedding Shoes

For a bride-to-be, every single detail matters. The hair, the makeup, the way the lashes curl and the way the camera captures her radiant smile, the dress she wears and the music that plays on the background as she walks down the aisle – everything will make a huge difference in the way a bride feels on her wedding day.


Naturally, your shoes are not even remotely among the last items on your list of priorities. How do you find the best wedding shoes, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


Most brides settle on white shoes – but that’s not necessarily a rule. If you want to stand out, you can choose from a myriad of colored options. For something delicate and elegant, you could wear a pair of golden or silvery shoes. For something bolder, you could wear pink or red shoes. For something fun, you could wear personalized shoes in multiple colors (e.g. your wedding colors). And for something that feels like a twist on an old tradition, you could even make your shoes double as your “something blue”.


We will always advise brides to look at wedding trends, but not necessarily adopt them just because they are “in”. Wearing a pair of shoes that doesn’t suit you, just for the sake of fashion, is a really bad idea in general – not to mention on your wedding day when you want everything to be perfect. Choose a wedding shoe style that truly suits your personality – it will be the best option ever!


Many ladies think they have to wear high heels on their wedding day, but that’s not always true. If you feel a pair of stilettos is just not what you want, you can always wear sandals or even flats. There are so many stunning options out there that you will never regret this choice!


There’s no point in wearing a pair of ultra-uncomfortable shoes on your wedding day – they will only make this event a truly painful one for you. Wear something you feel comfortable in – or, if you want the “best of two worlds”, wear something less comfortable during the ceremony and change into something else for the reception and for the dances.

Your shoes are part of your wedding day just as much as your bouquet, dress, and wedding décor are. Take your time in choosing them and you will be more than happy!

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