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Professional Tips On Your Wedding Dress Alteration

Congratulations on getting your dream dress for your big day. But we are not there quite yet. Most gowns need some sort of alteration, unless you are getting a couture or custom designed gown. For example, if you get a dress from our Elvet Collection, the scope of work can vary greatly, depending on how many changes need to be made. The most important thing to keep in mind is the more labor intensive the request, the more time and money you should allow for the process.

With the help of a professional seamstress, the dress will suit your figure perfectly.

Here are a few things you probably wanted to know yourself before you meet up with a seamstress.

When to go?

We always recommend you leave enough time to get your alteration right. Brides typically want to lose or gain weight and leave very tight timeline to find a good seamstress and get the dress done. Especially if you want some customizations to be done on your dress, you wanted to start early.

We recommend allowing two to three months from your first fitting to your last as an idea timeline to make all the alterations. A good seamstress typically gets booked very far in advance. We recommend you visit the seamstress and book her calendar in advance to ensure she has time for you when you are ready. Keep in mind that the amount of times you need to go for fittings depends on how much you are getting done to the gown. On average, brides go for two to three fittings.

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Where to go?

A bridal salon most likely get the dress alterations done there. It is important to find a good seamstress or tailor specializes in bridal gowns. It is not a job for a local dry cleaner. You could always ask the bridal salon or your friends for referrals. Wedding dresses have so many complex details - boning, hems, bustles and so on.

What to bring?

We recommend you bring your undergarments, like your spanx, bra (if you want to wear one), shoes and accessories to the second or third fittings. Also you could schedule your hair and make up trial before one of the fittings to ensure you like the overall look with the dress on. It is very important to envision your wedding day look and ensure you love it. If you don’t have the exact shoe you will be wearing, bring something similar in height.

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Who to take with you?

While you might have legions of bridesmaids, it might not be a good idea to bring everyone to your fittings, but consider inviting your mom, another trusted relative or friend who focuses on details to your fittings for their reliable opinion and another set of eyes. And make sure you have your maid of honor comes to the last fitting before you pick up your dress, so she could learn how to bustle your dress and how to help you get dressed on the day. Make sure she learns all the tricks to make you look at your best on the day.

It is also very helpful to record a video how the seamstress helps you get dressed from the start to the end. If you have too many bustles on your dress, take a piece of paper and draw a diagram to bring it with you on the day.You want your bustle to look exactly the same for the day.

What to expect

If your dress fits you perfectly already and you don’t want to do any customizations. It is perfect that you probably only need to get the hems done. But otherwise, seamstresses might need to rework with fabrics and opening up hems and can practically redesign a dress. For example, for a modest bride, we might need to add fabric, sleeves, or extra lace, beadings to the dress. Make sure you purchase extra fabric or lace or tell the tailor to match to the best she could.