"Your wedding dress should represent your personality, who you are, your most beautiful shape, without overpowering yourself."

-Jinza Jin


If you can’t find your dream dress in one of our many collections, our designer is able to provide a sketch and create a commissioned piece just for you. Our dresses are designed with your body measurements in mind. Price includes multiple custom fittings. JINZA's design is a celebration of all things feminine. Check our custom design page. 


We are famous for customizing pieces on each dress that will allow you to personalize your wedding dress. 


To us, a wedding dress is a piece of art that you will keep for a long time. You may even use your veil for your daughter’s wedding. Timeless means your wedding dress will represent your personality - your true self that you will still love and remember after 20 years.  Working with us to craft your bridal gown also means creating a special experience that you will remember for years. Each dress is unique and personalized.