A family experience


At jinza, we treat you like a family…

custom your dream wedding dress

Order our off-the-rack wedding dress and be able to: adding sleeves, custom fittings; change color of fabric, switch lace, combine all your favorite elements to THE dress;

invite your family/guests to your private fittings

Our price includes custom fittings, which means there will be no stress for additional design changes or alterations. We can make custom changes and our dress is made in the U.S. and starts from scratch. We can make one-of-the-kind custom changes to match your personality.

We genuinely care about you, your guests/family, your story, and your wedding.

And it's not just that we stay in touch as your wedding date approaches to make sure you're completely happy with your gown and accessories at each of your fitting, . Our brides become a part of the JINZA family - a group of amazing women who span the country and the world.

You work with our designers directly.

Our business values are deeply entrenched in who we are, and in everything we do. With that comes a genuine passion and authenticity that is evident in the products, service, and experience we offer. You will experience our effective, honest, and professional suggestions on gown choices.

Our one-of-a-kind location gives you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our spacious salons are in a historical buildings in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, which has been lovingly restored and renovated to make the already stunning space a comfortable, beautiful oasis for wedding dress shopping. With private dressing room, so your family and friends can enjoy seeing you in each gown, and all of the specialty attention - but none of the intimidation - of a luxury salon, you will absolutely love visiting our boutiques.

We value the little details.

From the way you're greeted when you call or visit, to the special care and attention to detail we take throughout the entire process, and much more:  it's all carefully thought out so you can simply enjoy the unforgettable experience of finding your wedding dress and accessories.

Make your private appointment at our SF and LA location.