Wedding Dress Alteration and Preservation Service | Los Angeles & San Francisco

Elevate your bridal experience with JINZA Bridal's VIP Alteration and Preservation Service in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our team, working with preservation specialists who truly understand the intricacies of premium silk fabric, is at your service. With the most experienced in-house seamstress, we ensure your wedding gown receives alterations for the perfect fit. 

We provide a comprehensive range of alteration services to ensure the perfect fit for every member of your wedding party. From wedding dress alterations that make your gown truly yours, to mother of the bride/groom alterations that guarantee elegance, and bridesmaids alterations for a cohesive bridal party look, JINZA Bridal is here to make your special day even more perfect.

Please note that all alterations are by appointment only, and an additional charge may apply.

JINZA provides a comprehensive preservation service priced at $685, which includes the careful treatment of both the wedding gown and the veil. For additional elements such as a top skirt or a detachable train, there is an extra charge of $50, ensuring that every part of your bridal ensemble receives expert care and attention.

What is Wedding Dress Preservation?

Wedding dress preservation is a specialized cleaning and treatment process designed to maintain the pristine condition of your gown for years to come. Bridal gowns are intricate and delicate garments, and with the passage of time, they can be susceptible to issues like yellowing and oxidation, especially if not properly treated and stored immediately after the wedding. Preservation is a vital step in preventing such damage and preserving your cherished keepsake for future generations to admire.

Why Should I Preserve My Wedding Dress?

Well, sentiment aside, there are practical benefits too. A well-preserved gown can become a beautiful heirloom, it can be transformed into other garments or accessories, and it retains better resale or donation value. Considering the time and investment you put into your wedding dress, preserving it ensures you can enjoy its beauty for a lifetime, and perhaps even pass it down to the next generation to appreciate on their special day.

Over time, premium silk can undergo color changes, but with proper care, including dry cleaning and preservation, you can maintain its original color and condition. By safeguarding your wedding dress through these steps, you're not only ensuring its longevity but also opening the possibility of passing it down as an heirloom for future generations to cherish on their own wedding days.

What is Wedding Dress Cleaning vs. Preservation?

While wedding dress cleaning typically involves the removal of general stains, an additional preservation treatment is crucial to ensure your gown retains its pristine condition for years to come. While many brides opt for professional cleaning after their big day, not all choose to preserve their gowns. Here's why you should consider a professional wedding gown preservationist:

Customized Preservation Plan: A preservation specialist can create a personalized plan to address stains based on your specific fabric and embellishments, ensuring the best results.

Expert Solvents: They will utilize appropriate solvents tailored to your wedding dress, ensuring the most effective and safe cleaning process.

Timely Care: Professional preservationists act promptly to clean and preserve your wedding dress before stains become permanent.

Specialized Storage: They will place your gown in a specialized preservation box, complete with guidance on how to store and care for it over the long term.

Can You Wear a Wedding Dress After Having it Preserved?

Your wedding dress won't vanish if you remove it from its special packaging, but this might void the preservation guarantee. Before unpacking, clarify your preservationist's long-term expectations.

Many preservation companies don't seal their boxes to prevent moisture and contaminants. In such cases, you can carefully open the box, ensuring clean hands or cotton gloves to maintain its pristine condition.

If your preservation company seals the box, breaking the seal voids the guarantee. So, if someone wishes to wear or upcycle your dress, they'll need to repeat the preservation process to ensure its protection.